Climate change, anyone?

Kindra Dutch

The difference between climate change and global warming is a change in regional/global temperatures apparent from the 20th century and a gradual increase in the temperature of the earth’s atmosphere attributed to greenhouse gases and other pollutants. There are easy ways to change the course of our future, but with technology comes ignorance and blindness. 

With the current rates of climate change, if we make a move now to combat them we may have a chance to bring back extinct species and other things lost to the passage of time and changes.

Currently, recycling is at 32.1%, which is a 2% difference from the rates from 2015 (34.7%). A simple fix would be to either recycle used items throughout your home or take them to a recycling center. Fossil fuel rates are 80%, which is significantly lower than the rates from 1966 (94%). Following fossil fuels, coal consumption is peaking. Moving from fossil fuels could have more reversing effects.

Another factor in climate change is farm life. livestock produce an estimated 14% of greenhouse gas emissions alone, meaning may be moving to a different meal choice would be beneficial to our circumstances. With newer heatwaves rolling out and extreme colds add to everything else, livestock are losing fertility and productivity of dairy and other products meaning that cattle are more likely to suffer than others. With that in mind, changes can be made to prevent these unfortunate events from taking place. 

Maybe take some time outside, or ride a bike today. you never know, everything counts!