Millions are skipping out on their second dose of covid vaccines!

Millions are skipping out on their second dose of Covid vaccines nearly 8% of the people in the United States who got Pfizer or Madera  shots are missing their second dose. New York Times Tweeted about it on April 23rd 2021. People in the United States are skipping out of getting a second dose of the Covid vaccines Due to that ranks are growing More. 5 million people are nearly 8% of those who got their first shot have missed their second dose according to the recent data from Centers for Disease Control and prevention that is more then double the rate among people who got Iculated In the first several weeks of the Nationwide vaccine campaign.The reasons vary for what people are missing their second shots in a interview New York times did someone said they feared the side effects which can include flu-like symptoms others said they felt that they were  significantly protected with one shot.From the outset public health experts worried that it would be difficult to get everyone to return for a second shot 3 or 4 weeks after the first dose it is It is no surprise that a vaccines are rolled out more broadly The numbers of those skipping a second dose have gone up but the trend is less traveling. some State officials who are rushing to keep the numbers of only partly vaccinated people from swelling.In other states such as Arkansas and Illinois Health officials have directed teams to call checks or send letters to people to remind them to get their second dose of the Covid vaccine.With this being said a lot of  Health officials are very worried because you need the second dose quotes as Dr. Paul outfit a professor at the University of Pennsylvania and a member of Food and Drug Administration vaccine advisory panel .   As he urges people to get out there and get their second dose to stay healthy and strong. well some people have missed the second dose the overall rates of following through with the same 92% getting fully vaccinated are strong by historical standards. although there is no way to know for sure whether the vaccine triggered the headaches but after weighing what  is happening doctors still pushing for people to get their second dose but it’s all up to you.