Disc Golf Club!

Dominic L Cervantes , Reporter



                                       Disc golf club!


Joshuwa Camren, a student here at arvada high school is into a sport called disc golf. He had gotten into disc golf by some friends and now enjoys it and plays almost every day. Then he got the idea of trying to make a disc golf club for the school. If you know or don’t know what disc golf is we wanted to see if this would have been a good idea and would like you as students to give us your opinions and take a poll on if you would like this to happen or not. Now you may be thinking ¨Thats sounds boring¨ but its not once you get into it! Disc golf is for all ages and can be done anywhere at any time. You dont need any special training or even gear. All thats needed is a disc or two. The disc golf community is also a very nice and welcoming community who are always freindly and willing to give advise. So all and all disc golf is cheap and affordible,easy to play anywhere at anytime, and a great way to get out and about.


Disc golf is a flying disc sport with similar rules to golf. In which players throw a disc at a target the ¨Disc golf basket¨. Scoring points is similar to golf were as each throw counts as a ¨Stroke¨ and the player with the least amount of throws is the winner. 


To vote on if we should have a disc golf club here at the school feel free to vist to  https://forms.gle/eSsA9Ae4JQuVhCzi9 vote