Arvada Student Aid

A new opportunity for high school students

Parlianne Stewart, Reporter

Like many schools after covid, Secrest Elementary lost a lot of support and are in need of volunteers. The Arvada Student Aid (ASA) program is a way for students to connect with their community and other students through volunteering.

ASA allows students to go to the local Secrest Elementary School during their free time in the school day, before, or after it. Due to the close proximity, students can visit Secrest during any free periods or lunch regardless of transportation. There are a variety of ways students can help out during the day like assisting in the lunch room, doing crossing guard duty, and helping the elementary students with flashcards.

“The Arvada Student Aid (ASA) program is an incredible way for high schoolers to get back to their roots and give back to the community. Through volunteering at Secrest, AHS students can connect with elementary students and help guide them through their learnings!” the 11th grade coordinator and vice principal Mark Abling said.

Not only do high school students benefit by getting to help in their local community, they are also able to use this time to count toward volunteer hours which can be used on college applications and resumes.

Whether you are interested in education, helping others, or getting the hours, ASA is a simple way to do just that. By filling the form out here and getting an academic sign off from any of the assistant principals/grade coordinators, those interested are able to assist the day they are ready during any time they’re available.