Softball Season Recap

Jackson Kowing, Reporter

The Arvada Softball team had a great 2022 season. Making it far in the season and having a winning record really proves how hard the team worked. After starting the season with A 15-0 win over Mitchell high school, The team went on a 5 game losing streak. The first loss of the streak was to the Horizon Hawks. After 1 point on the board for the bulldogs, The rest of the game went the Hawks way. The game ended 16-1 and the bulldogs had their first loss. The second loss came from the Mountain Vista Golden Eagles. As the first inning was close, The bulldogs were only down 1 to 2 starting the second. The bulldogs couldn’t get the upper hand and the Golden Eagles went up by 6. The Golden Eagles kept the pressure and the game ended in the 4th inning. The third, fourth and fifth losses were all very similar. The bulldogs would start the game off strong but just couldn’t keep the pressure, Leading to their opponents taking the upper hand and winning the game by about 14 runs in about 5 innings.


 This didn’t put the team down though as they then started winning like crazy. Almost every game was the Bulldogs winning by 16 and their opponents getting shut out with a score of 0 runs. By the middle of the season, The Bulldogs were 6-5. They kept putting in hard work and determination and got multiple more wins. With an impressive 5-1 record in league games, They made it past the regular season. With the entire school talking about how proud of the team they were, the team felt that and used it to continue stacking up wins. With a few losses here and there, the team would not let that stop the positive momentum. Although the Bulldogs couldn’t get the job done at the 2022 CHSSA Class 3A Softball Regionals, Arvada is proud of the Players, Coaches, Fans and everybody associated with the team and how amazing they did this season.

 The seniors really stepped up this year, Leading and supporting the team to all of their accomplishments. Azahnhae Whipple, Daisy Cruz-Lopez and Sydnee Fark were the Seniors who showed personality, sportsmanship and overall teamwork on the field. Although they won’t be around next season, They have paved the way for the team and we can’t wait to see how the team steps up and performs next season. With a final season record of 13-8 and 5-1 (league record), The team proved that they are a serious team, and they came to play. I was able to speak to Senior Daisy Cruz-Lopez on how the season went and how proud of the team she was. Daisy stated, “Good coaching and never giving up helped us win games. We all supported each other and made sure everyone was okay.” Daisy then said how proud of the team she was and what they need to do next year to continue this positive environment. This is what the Senior Said, “They need to continue lifting each other up and using teamwork because it obviously helps a lot. This team has done an amazing job and I’m proud of what we’ve done.”

 Through many ups and downs, The team showed time and time again how badly they want to prove themselves. The way they all persevered through bad games and situations truly showed how much they wanted to win and succeed. From my point of view, It looked like they were a family and were all there for each other. When a team is close like the softball team is, It’s the first sign that they aren’t going to be easy to beat. When everybody is on the same page and everybody is willing to put everything they have on the field, you will win. That’s why I’m proud saying that our bulldogs did that every game. Although the season is over and the team didn’t get as far as they wanted, We acknowledge how hard they worked and we are still so proud of this season. Great Job Bulldogs!

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Photos By: Ian Quaratino