Kayla VonLintel

Anxiety can affect anyone, it can cause many problems in people’s lives and can affect some people more strongly than others. There are a lot of causes that can cause anxiety, some can revolve around medical issues but some can be as simple as stress on a day to day basis. People need to be informed because it’s such a big factor in life for most. Anxiety can cause a great amount of problems for people and can lead to depression, substance abuse and much more. It needs to be talked about more, I say this because if it’s not talked about you wouldn’t know how you can help yourself and others who have anxiety, and talking about it more will help people feel as though they are not alone and be more willing to open up about anxiety rather than bottling up their feelings. My main reason for reporting about this is because everyday it affects more and more people. Since it affects more people everyday it’s even more of a reason to talk about it because it’s best to put out more awareness on this matter then to pretend like it’s not a problem. Here are some of the effects anxiety can cause, changes in the way they act this includes personality, confidence, and change with social life. I would also like to spread awareness of opening up. I know, and people know it’s hard to open up especially when you are so scared to open up about your emotions or your scared of being judged, but if you don’t get those emotions out sooner it will eat you alive and you will never see progress, so although you may be feeling scared right now you reaching out for help, with help you in the long run. If you would like to explore more about; Anxiety Symptoms if you would like to learn more about; Anxiety.

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