STUCO: More Than the Dances

Cole Stephenson, Reporter

Student Counsel, who are most known for the work they do for all the school dances, host a lot of other things as well.

“We do events like rallies, prom fashion show, and much more,” Mark Visel said, who is a science teacher and sponsor for Student Council.

STUCO has done even more in the past, like the winter dance and home-coming, these dances help raise school spirit and made our school a better place.

“I felt motivated after the dance, I felt like it boosted morale throughout the entire school,” Rylynn Lucero said.

Student council gives and spreads school spirit throughout the year, without them the school would be a lot more bland. Their spirit weeks allow kids to enjoy their day at school and make people happy.

“I feel like the spirit weeks have motivated me,” Kikai Edwards said.

We need to look at what STUCO has done for us and appreciate them a lot more than we do now. They help keep this school running and we need to show them that we care.

“I never realized how much they did, I thought it was like the principal who put things together,” Edwards said.