First Winning season for Baseball

Fernanda Guerra

Baseball 2018. Not only did the team get to play with their first ever female teammate, but they also got to experience their first winning season in over a decade. The team managed to create an unforgettable experience with an 11:8 record, achieved through hard work and change.

“Everyone wanted to get better and worked hard to get there,” sophomore Angelina Castillo said.

The school is changing and the sports along with it. Coaches are starting to set higher expectations for their athletes. All this in order to help the teams get better at what they do.

“A lot of our old coaches just tended to mess around a lot,” sophomore Josiah Martinez said.

Players are only as good as the coaches who teach them. This year’s baseball coaches have taught their athletes to play well, one of the main reasons why they were able to have a winning season.

“They really didn’t let us slack off,” Martinez said. “I think that’s what helped us this season.”

Now, their main focus is on continuing their record. They think that by doing so, more people are going to want to come and play for Arvada.

“When I came to Arvada, I didn’t want to do any sports because no one had a winning season,” Castillo said.

Hopefully the team continues on this route of hard work that their coaches have laid out for them and keep on winning for the school and themelves.