Among Us – A New Fun Game

Introduction:       In the first video you will watch is all visual videos of animated clips.

When you play the game you get either two jobs, IMPOSTER or Crewmate. If you are a crewmate, tasks are given to you and you have to complete all of them in order to win the game, if you get killed by the IMPOSTER then you became a ghost. As a ghost you can still play and complete tasks and when your done you can haunt the IMPOSTER.

When you get IMPOSTER, your job is to kill the crewmates on the ship but do not get caught. There are vents around the map that you can use to escape after a kill. There is also a button called Sabotage which you can use to turn off the lights, make oxygen go down, ruin communications, or even sabotage the reactor of the ship. When a dead body is found it gets reported, which leads to an emergency meeting where everyone on the ship communicates to see who may be the IMPOSTER.

Its a game of risk and excitment.

In my second video there are actual game clips of youtubers and streamers playing together. Youtubers and streamers playing together? Yeah! This game brings communities together and it could bring Arvada High School together too.

My first weeks as a freshman were kinda rough because I did not know anybody at the school but one day in my geography studies class I heard other people talking about the game and I jumped into their conversation.

We all ended up planning to play it together after school, we made a instagram groupchat so we could send the code and all play together. After many rounds we all had so many laughs and now all of them are people I look forward to seeing at school everyday! In the same geography studies class we also played with our teachers!

It totally took the stress off of school for a few minutes and helped our classroom bond. When Ms.Lauren was the IMPOSTER it was the best because she wasnt very good and we all knew right away. Our whole class bonded and it was an amazing experience. I think if other teachers maybe played it with their students they would have a blast too!

If you have not already started downloading the game I suggest you start right now!