Before and After Covid-19 interviews

I conducted a couple of Interviews about covid-19 and peoples viewpoints. But before we see the results of interviews I want to talk about one of the people

“I never had a sit down at a desk job…but this will have to do”-Brandie

As you can see in the photo the desk Brandie is using is just a stand up table placed into a closet and her personal laptop is on top of stacked boxes.  Before her current job she worked in a machine shop for 5 years and a Autobody shop for 10 years managing both.  Throughout her constant hard work and dedication the deadly pandemic still hits hard.  This just shows that it doesn’t matter where you were or How you where that this pandemic affected every single person.

Now getting into the questions I cam up with and conducted with Family/Friends

Starting with the first question

“As a Parent, How is it seeing your kids behavioral tendencies change since the start of the pandemic. How were they different before the pandemic?”

I see that my kids have to rely so much on virtual interactions now, it worries me that they could become socially isolated and awkward . My fear is how that may affect them in years to come. Before the pandemic my kids were very social and had no issues interacting or being in social environments. (Brandie)

Pre Pandemic my 7 year old really didn’t play many video games which I was completely comfortable with. Now I feel Video games are the only interaction he gets with kids his own age. This makes me very sad and scared he will have problems relating to kids his age when this all over. My teenager used to be able to leave the house to have some independent moments to learn to be a young adult a normal way. This also makes me sad cause these kids are not getting to grow and have real life experiences. (Jamie) 

-I think the biggest thing that has changed are stress levels. Not being able to see friends and interact as they have done before, along with difficult remote learning, and the constant unknown of the future has left room for depression and anxiety to creep in. On the other hand, I think the additional/forced quality time with family has helped forge stronger bonds and maybe open lines of communication where they may not have been before (Amy)

-My daughter has been most effected by the pandemic.  It hurts to see her struggling with the lack of being a social butterfly that most teenagers are and have her work hours cut to almost nothing since she works in the food industry.  She has become depressed, spends more time in her bedroom by herself, and is angry at the world. We do our best to get her out of her room for a walk or to work out in our home gym. (Melissa)

-My 6 yr old daughter has always been very social and prior to the pandemic we were a family on the go. Every Saturday morning Bronwyn would ask, where are we going today? It was very difficult for her to understand when that abruptly stopped. She would have meltdowns because we would not take her to the grocery store with us and we were not having company or going anywhere. Now she has meltdowns when she must go somewhere with us. She is terrified of public places for herself and for us. She has become an obsessive hand-washer and is so nervous about germs that she will not eat anything anyone (other than family) gets within 6ft of without a mask on. It is hard to watch our outgoing and good-natured child fear so much and be so concerned about what is happening on a global scale. Six-year-old kids are supposed to be getting dirty, building forts and playing tag not disinfecting high touch surfaces so much that the finish is wearing off of things.(Sonya)

“How did this pandemic affect your business at the beginning  (March)”

Working for a small family business it had a major impact on sales as well as the morale within the company. They had to lay myself off as well as 3 other employees, financially it has been a major set back. (Brandie)   

-I do daycare, So I have lost so many kiddo for weeks/months at a time (Jamie)

-In March I was employed in the travel industry. Once the pandemic hit the U.S. it was a matter of weeks in March before I was furloughed. I was on unemployment from March – July. (Amy)

-My work changed to working from home more than in our office space.  Service levels are the same as before, not seeing co-workers or leaving the house daily are the largest changes. (Melissa)

-I was fortunate enough to work in the medical industry when COVID-19 began. Medical demands increased at an astronomical rate. (Declyn)

-I have been lucky, I work in beverage manufacturing so I did not lose my job. It did change the way we work in some ways. Having symptom and temp screenings upon entry each day. Wearing a mask as part of our PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Many of the office employees began working from home to limit the number of people in the buildings. We stopped making certain products because they are only sold in restaurants and gathering places. We ran out of specific package types due to a shortage of 12oz aluminum cans throughout the beverage industry in the United States. Our transportation was the most affected due to skyrocketing rates for trucks to haul our product. Prior to the shutdown we paid an average of $1.15 per mile for each truck we load and ship, in March the rates jumped to around $5.00 per mile. (Sonya)

“How is the pandemic affecting your business now (Dec)” 

-I had to find a new job, it took 9 months but as of right now I am able to support my family still and have a solid job. With the growing number of people working from home my new career is geared towards just that. Some impacts have been just learning to adjust out at home life to accommodate me working from home myself. (Brandie)

-It’s scary to think about taking in more/different kids because of all the Covid stuff. (Jamie)

-In December I am currently working with a new company, I started in September and for the most part I do not believe the pandemic has negatively affected our industry too terribly. We are working from home which has its challenges, but I think we are all adapting well and business is good. (Amy)

-My work hasn’t changed since March, we continue to work form home more than in the office.  We now communicate with coworkers via video chat on Teams or Zoom. (Melissa)

-Because of the COVID-19 quarantine restrictions and then the relaxing of those restrictions,  there was a decrease in medical demand that increased just after Thanksgiving. (Declyn)

-We are still wearing masks and having symptom and temp screenings. We still have many people working from home. We are making a wider range of our products again due to some places in the country having open restaurants and we made it through the can shortage. We are now paying an average of $3.25 per mile to get our product in the market.(Sonya)

“What was your favorite thing to pass time before the pandemic? Has that changed? Or Have you had to “work around” new rules and regulations?”

-My family is extremely social, we spent a ton of time hosting get-togethers. Of course the occasional going out to eat and being with friends/family. Now we spend our time watching movies and finding things to do to pass the time. We do still see a small group of friends but only if we all are following the rules. Being honest with each other in these times is key. We do our best to stay smart about the dangers. (Brandie)

Pre pandemic we loved hanging out with our family and friends. This has changed dramatically. We hardly see our friend. We sometimes see our family but we stay outside with short conversations. We do video chats with some people but I can say I don’t enjoy them, I am a hugger and I find myself putting up walls not being able to touch and love on my people. (Jamie)

-My favorite thing before the pandemic would have to be doing anything with family. We are very close and love to be together. It is hard not being able to get together for birthdays and holidays or just because we feel like it.(Amy)

-I really miss having any kind of social outings with family and friends.  We rarely see anyone outside of strangers we see at the grocery store.(Melissa)

-I was a student who worked full-time when COVID-19 began, so I guess my past time hobby was school which was moved from in-person classes to online classes. This presented a challenge and required a learning curve for me. (Declyn)

-We like to be outside. We would camp, hike, and host BBQs. We did Celtic festivals. It has all changed. We went on one hike all summer; the trail was so crowded that we had to cut it short and leave because Bronwyn was so worried about being close to people. We went camping a few times, but we traveled a good distance further than normal due to all the other people camping this year. We have had some small gatherings but with limited people and mostly outside, even in the cold. We are quite particular about who we invite into our house. In the beginning, it was a bit awkward to ask if people were “Anti-maskers” but it was important to us that we not be around people that were not taking the proper precautions.(Sonya)

“If you can recall; How was your mental health before the start of covid vs how is it now?”

-Mentally I felt very grounded pre Covid. These days, losing my job and seeing my children struggle has made that stability crash. I feel very lost and hopeless sometimes. It can be very hard to feel grounded sometimes. (Brandie) 

Pre Pandemic it felt pretty normal, some days are good, some days are bad. Now I feel I have to be more aware of my emotions and not take my feeling of sad, stressed, scared, lonely, and anxious out on the people I love most.  (Jamie)

-My mental health has definitely been challenged since COVID came around. I believe I was in a fairly good place before, and now I find there are days that it is hard to get out of bed, knowing there really aren’t many normal things we can do. It is hard to be motivated to do anything when you are being told you really can’t do much of anything. I believe for most of us we are mentally and emotionally exhausted. I feel that it is an actual mental/emotional effort to get ourselves going sometimes. (Amy)

-My mental health was fairly well in the beginning of this.  Now, I struggle with emotions and peaks of anger more than before. (Melissa)

– At the beginning of the pandemic,  I was both skeptical about the virus itself and a little paranoid about how to handle it if I were to be infected by it.  Now, it has started to become just a thing that exists in our world and I worry about it a little less because I take the proper precautions and have received the first of the vaccines. (Declyn)
-It feels like the start of this was so long ago, probably because so much has changed on so many levels. I have always been quite strong and if I didn’t like something I either choose to change it or got over it. I worked hard to maintain a more optimistic outlook tempered by my realist tendencies. I don’t have the energy most days to work for optimism anymore. I am just trying to stay afloat right along with everyone else. I have accepted that I can’t change the pandemic and at this point, I can’t get over it either. I have had to accept even more now than ever that I cannot control as much of my environment as I previously thought and I have lost some of the control I have over my own immediate reactions to it as well. am an introvert, but I am not an isolationist and it has been hard to have to stay home so much because so many people are still not taking this seriously and I do not want to put my family at risk because of idiots. (Sonya)
“How are your family and friends relationships since the beginning of this. Have you lost in touch with some of them, or has this strengthened the relationship?”
-I can say most of my friendships are very strong and I do my best to keep in touch even more so now. I do feel that being home more I feel my bond with my boys as well as my wife are stronger than ever. I can see strength in my family due to the situation. (Brandie)
-I can say my relationships with my immediate family are strong but at times still feels distant because everybody is on some digital device. I can say my relationships with my friends seem ok but in my heart I feel there is a weird gap, I am aware this is probably in my head, but since I can’t touch and be around my people I do feel I have put up a small wall and feel distant. (Jamie)
-I think the relationships with extended family and friends have remained strong, I think it is the relationships with the people in my home that have been extremely challenged. I believe my relationships with my kids have grown and become stronger. But I believe the added stress in my relationship with my partner on top of the already normal stresses a relationship has to endure has caused damage. (Amy)
The pandemic has forced communication to take place via phone or video chat.  We have lost touch with some that we used to call friends, those that have always been close remain close.(Melissa)
– My relationships with family hasn’t actually changed too much since the pandemic.  I had a very busy life prior that didn’t leave a lot of extra time and they life out of town. As far as friends, some of us have found ways around the pandemic and are still able to keep in touch. (Declyn)
-We have tried to maintain relationships as much as we are able but yes, there are people we are not as close to as a result of this. Some of that is because of differing opinions and we decided that we can agree to not agree and keep our distance until it is all over. Some of it is because we don’t want to put high-risk people at more risk.(Sonya)
“Has your viewpoint on covid-19 changed because of a result of Fam/Friend being affected by covid-19 negatively?”-I never really felt that the Virus was not real or deadly however, I did feel a stronger fear when my parents got it. In that moment I can say I felt every regret or moment I could have called to say I love you to them. In moments I feared the worst and would find myself in a bit of a panic. Sad that they were alone in the sickness and it could get really bad really fast. I’m grateful that they came out of it ok. Some have not and my heart aches for those who lost. (Brandie) – I can say at first I was really scared. I am still scared but maybe just more used to that feeling so it doesn’t feel as crazy. I can say hearing my good friend talk about her fears of being pregnant and her getting Covid and the unknowing of what this virus can do to her unborn fetus shocked me a little and made me think a bit different.. Maybe be a bit more careful. (Jamie)-I do not think my viewpoints have changed due to anyone being affected. (Amy)

– I have not had a family or friend affected by COVID negatively, thankfully.  My daughter tested positive the end of October and it was like a bad head and chest cold for her.  She slept for most of four days and then began to recover.  To this day her sense of taste and smell have not fully returned.(Melissa)

– I have recently lost my Aunt to COVID-19. The reality of the virus was something I was forced to accept due to my profession prior to her passing. So, my point of view on COVID-19 has remained the same. (Declyn)

-No, my opinion of this has always been that it is real and should be taken very seriously. Not only for the safety of my family but my community as well. (Sonya)

We have all know this pandemic was gonna be rough. I hope this helps your Brain at ease by knowing how other people have been affected