The Northern lights

Sam Chastain, Reporter

The Northern Lights


  If you want a relaxing and spectacular display of colors in the sky, visit Aurora village where all your wildest dreams come true.  When you come to Yellowknife Canada and you plan on visiting the northern lights you can’t stay on the site.  You have to find a hotel, and the stay is limited. You can only visit for 3 to 4 days.  You must travel to the site only at night and stay there a couple of hours.  During the day they have activities that will keep you occupied and satisfied. 


                                                                               Aurora village site/No editor/


  The teepees are there for you to stay temporarily during the night hours.  You can say hi to other people on the site and maybe have a nice chat.  Dog sledding is an activity that’s fun on all levels and you get to see stunning views of snowy scenery. I myself don’t care for crowded beaches or oceans where sand gets within your toes and your ankles are sore after walking on that rough terrain.   When you’re at this location it’s the one place where you can get some peace and quiet.  I believe that this is one of the best vacations you’ll ever take, that’s my opinion. 



  The northern lights are formed by solar wind and atoms, they form in the earth’s atmosphere creating a stunning display of a colorful glowing halo all around the poles.  I must confess this would be my dream vacation “for sure” (100%).  

 Green northern lights/No editor/