Voices: What is it like returning to 100% in person?

Beginning Apr. 5, all students who were previously on a hybrid schedule returned to 100% in person learning. Students who wanted to remain fully remote were allowed to do so. A week after the return, students and teachers were asked for their thoughts about returning and learning in person.

Lindsey Hewett, teacher

“So, being back 100% In person, as in hybrid students are all together on the same day. Did not stress me out too much because I am fully vaccinated and I feel very lucky to be fully vaccinated so on a personal note, I wasn’t too concerned but I definitely understand why some students might be a little worried or anxious about it because they are, you know, sitting more closely with their classmates than than they were before. And so for me it’s just really important to continue to follow the health protocols and the safety protocols that we have in the building and so that we’re respecting those, you know those concerns that students might have and, you know for me health is the most important things so as long as a school and as a district we’re committed to keeping those safety protocols in place. You know, I’m hopeful that we can continue. You know, moving forward in a positive direction and giving kids the supports that they need. But I definitely sympathize with people who might, who might not love it I also understand, you know the students that are really excited about being 100% in person because they’ve been craving that, you know, the ability to see their friends on a more regular basis and people are also really craving that slow return to normalcy so I understand both perspectives. But yeah, that’s my honest opinion.”


Sergio Yanes, teacher

“So, I’m happy that we have more students in the building more often, the it was really difficult to manage the hybrid learning with some students in the building some students remote and some students who were fully remote, so now it’s a little easier because we just have two big groups of students to two to adapt to. So that’s been a whole lot easier. And there, but on the other hand, we do have, because we have more people in the building, it’s a little tougher to manage some of the safety in there, like the distancing and everything, even though some of the requirements are shorter, we still have to like maintain seating charts and all that, so that if something does happen, we don’t end up like quarantining an entire class.”


Francisco Ortega, junior

“I think we should have gone back because of the reason that at the beginning of beginning, it seemed like a good idea but just this week when the teachers told us that there’s 80 or more kids that went in quarantine, just because they were in contact, or close in contact with people were COVID. So I feel like we should just stay like in the previous schedule we had group one and group two, which would have been a better idea than just going completely back.”




Nicholas Olson, junior

“Overall I feel like having more students back is a lot better. It’s more social. We were able to connect a lot more now. But having COVID around and wearing masks all the time, just a little annoying but overall feels much better.”






Tyler Hiner, junior

“Alright so personally I like it a lot better than having this hybrid, because I feel like being in person, it’s a lot easier to connect with not only like your classes but your teacher as well. And then I think a lot of kids probably benefit because they’re able to you know learn hands on and then physical, as compared to being able to like be distracted by everything at their house.”





Adam Denton, junior

“My opinion on being back in person 100% is conflicted because I’m glad I’m back in person, but I’m also afraid to be getting quarantined again, and all that, so.”