The Influence of Our Actions In Our Community.

How do we as a community influence each other and our actions? Should we be accountable for ourselves and others, why? I asked a few people of different backgrounds and life experiences a series of questions to see the difference and similarities of people in the Arvada community and what they deem as good and bad actions.

How do you influence your community/people around you good and bad?

“ I have impacted those around me by motivating them to push themselves, to better themselves. It’s bad that I motivate them because they feel obligated to finish the task I said.” Answered Jin Yang(11), a junior who previously went to Arvada High before transferring.

“I mean I think if I’m in a good mood, you know if I’m doing well and I’m happy that I think people around me get more positive energy. But if I’m kind of in a bad mood that kind of sets the tone for a lot of bad stuff. So I think I have to just be more aware and more positive…So most of the people that I hang out with. It’s usually fairly positive, we’ve all tried to be more grateful for the company and grateful for being with each other. So for the most part, I’d say that I’m mostly a positive impact on others.” Explains Sandra Lawrence, a mother and grandmother who lives in the Arvada community.

Dalie Gordon(10), a current student at Arvada High answers “I think I affect my community positively by trying to be supportive to others and helping when others need help. I think at times I affect my community negatively by being judgmental towards others without actually knowing them.”

How does your community influence you good and bad?

“They have motivated me to better myself and they have made me a better person. Impacts would be deaths of people close to me, people leaving me, and of course people supporting me. All these impacts influenced me in both good and bad ways. They all force me to better myself and better understand my surroundings. At the same time, they are also my weaknesses.” Replied Yang. “They are my weakness because a close death of mine could make me feel sad, or hurt. People leaving me makes me feel like they were uncomfortable around me. People supporting is also a weakness because they can always lie.” Yang continued. He used to attend Arvada High School and has a good idea of the Arvada community and the affect we can have on each other.

“So, I think when people are in a good mood or people are positive, then that kind of affects me in a good way, but if people are negative or if they’re kind of more toxic than it affects me in a negative way.” Lawrence answered.

“I think I’m influenced positively by others just by being around them. I feel like I thrive off others energy. In cases where people aren’t in a good mood, I feel like I’m impacted negatively emotionally by their moods. Also in more of a physical way, people around me impact me by choices with drugs and alcohol and stuff.” States Gordon, recognizing what it means to her to surround herself with positive people and things.

What are ways you can be a more positive influence and what can they do?

“I would better my surroundings by supporting others to see what they want. It could be to go pro in sports, or to go to an ivy league school. I would improve my surroundings by losing people with negative energy and meeting new people with positive energy. I really can improve myself by being surrounded with people who care about me and are willing to help me when i’m at my lowest.” Describes Yang.

“I think being more grateful is helpful and [being] grateful for everything. You know like a nice sunny day or a beautiful sunrise or you know, whatever it is that’s going on; snow or rain or whatever. Just be grateful that we have that and that we are, you know, we’re doing well compared to a lot of people and to be grateful and to know that we are doing [our best]. I try to remember how much I have, and not material wise but with people, and with my family, and my friends. Just to be grateful that I have them in my life. So I’m kind of aware of a lot of different stuff but I think that as most people, you know, I think we forget sometimes to remember to be grateful so I have to by journaling. I think that helps me here, you know because I need to remember that no matter how bad it gets for me, I have a lot of really great stuff around me and great people; as true people indeed. It’s easier for them to be more aware, because they’re not really as aware as you are.” Lawrence talks about what mindfulness means to her.

Gordan goes on to say “I think I can benefit people around me more positively by not being as judgmental and not judging people without knowing them.”

It’s smart to be accountable for your own worries and actions so you can later help others and find a connection in the shared help. No matter you’re race, sex, age, or education; worries are worries. Anxieties and that disconnect may feel like a lifetime of regret but no matter where you’re at you have the ability to connect with yourself and your community and become grateful for life’s little things.