Are podcasts on the rise?

Destiny Muehlbauer, writer

The truth is, the 2020-2021 global Covid-19 pandemic has already been shown to revolutionize how & when people listen to music. For example, for those in the US, radio talks, pop music, & most importantly, podcasts, habits have recently changed. Whatever the case is, there is growing evidence that the lock down has steered people in the way of podcasts. TheMatchBox survey, conducted by Westwoods Ones annual podcast in July 2020, proves that since the pandemic hit, 41% of the weekly podcasts listeners report they are spending more time listening to radio audio content in their cars. Whether that be, radio talks or podcasts. Recently, there is indication that Americans are also using their additional free time at home to listen. ¨It is possible the Coronavirus pandemic accelerated strong listening habits among newly arrived podcast listeners, which typically takes years to develop.¨ The report states.