why are people missing there second covid shot?

Adrienne Allmon

Millions of people in the United States are skipping out on the second dose of Covid vaccine and 8% of the people in the United States who got Pfizer in the doors are missing out on there Second shot. Due to people missing out on the Second dose of the Covid shot in the United States overall we’ve had a rise in numbers. According to the New York Times they said people are missing out on the second dose of Covid vaccines because they said in the United States people think that they are more protective having one then a second dose the reason why they believe that they are more protected is because when you get the second dose you seem to have flu like symptoms or you seem to get sick. But some public health experts are worried about the difficulties of having to get people get their second shot after the fact. The number of people missing out on the second dose of the Covid vaccine Has gone up within the last month and it’s trending. In other states such as Arkansas and Illinois their health officials have direct teams to check or send messages to people to remind them to get their second dose and how important it is to have the second dose of your Covid vaccine. Although some people have missed out on getting their second Covid shot the overage I still continue to show 92% getting fully vaccinated. Even though some people are deciding to miss out on a covert vaccine doctors are still pushing for people to get the shot or the second dose of Covid vaccine because it is very important for everybody’s health and your health and everyone around you.