Girl’s Volleyball loses all 3 sets against Fort Lupton.

Parli Stewart

Varsity volleyball played against Fort Lupton High School on Monday, October 18. Though they fought hard they lost all three sets, with scores at 14-25 for the first set, 6-25 in the second, and 14-25 in the final set.

“in the first set it was pretty close and in the second set we lost our energy but the third we really tried our hardest we wanted to win the game but in the end we gave our all and tried our best.”

Players lamented this loss as the game was meant to commemorate breast cancer awareness, a disease which has impacted several of the player’s lives.

“Every game is important but this game was important because it was our breast cancer awareness game and a lot of us have had family that has had breast cancer and we all played for them […] I feel like we played as best as we could it was a difficult game there was a lot of frustration from all of us,” junior libero Laryssa Diaz said.

In the end while they suffered a defeat, they’re rearing up to finish the season strong with only a handful of games to go.