Leader of the Pack

Volleyball senior varsity captain Iana Dorokhova graduates in 2022 and leaves a great legacy on and off the court.


Iana Dorokhova(7) setting ball for outside hitter.

Laryssa Diaz, Reporter

As the 2021 volleyball season at Arvada comes to an end, the players gave recognition to the biggest leader on the team; Iana Dorokhova, senior, varsity captain, and setter.

Iana has had the biggest impact on the team and is a true leader to all of the volleyball program. She has played for three years since her sophomore year and graduates in 2022 with a great legacy left on and off the court.

“She sets a culture tone for us that I haven’t ever had before(…), she set a tone for me that I didn’t really have to as much as a coach, that I’m going to miss next year, which is tough to lose in our program.” Coach Olivia Andrew says.

Dorokhova went into her first volleyball year wanting to be a defensive specialist, but has learned to grow and love being the top setter in the program. Her setting has inspired others younger than her on the team to learn and be able to set just as well as Iana.

“Shes taught me to really be a leader honestly, and also with actually setting she has taught me to control of the ball and the court.” JV setter Bella Ciotti(Freshman)

Bella strives to be varsity captain and setter by the time she is a senior just like Iana. Bella has a similar story of wanting to be a defensive specialist at the start of her high school volleyball career and has now grown to learn and love being a setter the JV team.

As the volleyball season has come to an end Iana is wanting to stay part of the team as much as possible after she graduates; coming to games and possibly being a future coach. She has left a great legacy on the court and has inspired each and every player she has played with.