Making marshmallows with solar ovens

Physical science students are currently learning about  solar energy. To help students learn about  solar energy and recycling energy they are going to be making solar ovens and for a little fun twist they are going to be cooking marshmallows to see the effects and purposes this way of using this type of energy.  They reflected light energy off the solar ovens to create heat powerful enough to cook food.  To make the solar ovens they got a paper template and cut it and folded it into the oven shape, then wrapped it in foil to reflect light and produce heat. They put the solar ovens on a table and the heat lamps they used were directly pointed at the solar ovens. The heat of the lamps reflected off the solar ovens and created more intense heat and light which reflected off the solar oven, creating more heat and light making it even hotter and making more energy. After that they wrote down all their observations and data in their notebooks and Chromebooks.