A Trick Or Treat Event

Itzel Rosas Aguilar, Reporter


Everyone! On October 28 2021 in the afternoon, was the event of Trick or Treat Street! A lot of people have come and dressed up in their Halloween costumes. The Student Council Members worked hard to decorate and put the Halloween event into a super fun and scary atmosphere.

It was like a Haunted house, but in school! Every family got their pieces of candy and got to even show their best costumes. All of the student council members felt nervous since this was a big event for them so it was important. Mrs. Castorena did her best to guide her students to great success. But they were mostly happy and proud! Every single piece of candy ran out so you can tell they 


We are glad a lot of you all came to celebrate and have a good time. Most importantly, Don’t Forget To Not Miss The Events from Arvada High School! There might be similar events just like Trick Or Treat street! Have a Happy Halloween!!

(Photos taken by Itzel Rosas Aguilar)