Join GSA!


The GSA is a club that is during lunch on Thursday, the GSA accepts all types of people and sexualities, and is run by Ms. Schoenfeld and Mr. Varda in room 118.


“My friends are very supportive and didn’t care for my sexuality,” said Omar Lautenbach 


The GSA also has many events, like watching “A nightmare before Christmas”. 


The Point of the GSA is to Accept and make everybody feel in a safe environment because some people can’t feel safe outside of the GSA even in their own house. 


“Make sure that your family is ok with it, and make sure it is safe to come out because you could be kicked out or abused,” said Scarlett Metcalf. 


 The GSA does a good job of making people feel well and understood and bringing different people and different types of people together and to just hang out and have fun!