Arvada football lost to D’evelyn 14-26 on October 22nd.


Both of the teams were trying hard but sadly none of them Scored.

In the second quarter there was a hand off that led to a touchdown and the board is 6-0                                                                                                                                       fell goal was no good the time for the nex cortar to start 9:26 Devely answered back with a touchdown leading to 12-6 time 8:40. Field goal no good left in 2nd order. 

18-6 Devely winning in haf. 

Interception by 24 PJ sierra On the D’evelyn.second corder Arvada high school current 

Ty with the D´evelyn,and another huge play to the D’evelyn  a interception by Ivan           Rodriguez in the 3rd quarter.Turned back on the 15 yard line still 18-6.At the and of the                        3rd quarter  number 4 Geremiah Peralta made a touchdown for Arvada high school fell          goal good leading to the 18-14 lead. The 4th start of the quarter Touchdown by                    d’evelyn leading to 24-14,And of the game D’evelyn takes the win.