Why should we stay in school?

Dominic L Cervantes, Reporter

Why should students stay in school? Why shouldn’t we just leave and not come in? Lots of students already do. Why? Many reasons in fact. Students leave and ditch because of mental health or the feeling of anxiety or lack of safety in class, or simply can’t learn because of students. Or the teaching in the class as well as lack of enthusiasm in the presentation of the work. Students also may and are being bullied. It may not be the american tv/movie type bully/bullying but snarky remarks from others in the halls, people having grudges and spreading rumours and making a students life and school life harder and more difficult. Some of these may not be direct bullying but still affects students. We should be able to show empathy to one another even if we don’t like the person for whatever reason. We should treat each other as humans not animals. Students and staff should offer more comfort,areas,and things to do to get rid and help with whatever discomfort the student should be feeling. As arvada we are a whole and should work as one.