Basketball is Heading to Nebraska!

Laryssa Diaz

The bulldogs are heading to Nebraska. The boys and girls basketball teams are leaving for Nebraska this Thursday 12/2 for three days for a tournament. Each team will play a total of three games; the boys will be playing against Scottsbluff, Gering, and Alliance. The girls will play; Sidney, Gering, and Sterling

They boys team came back with a devastating 0-3 game loss. Though the boys played hard and put in their all it was not enough for a win in Nebraska. The scores are as follows: Scottsbluff 71-27, Gering 67-51, and Alliance 57-43.

The girls team could not get a win in Nebraska either. The also came back with a 0-3 game loss. These girls still worked hard and put in as much effort as they could for a win. The scores are as follows: Sidney 92-10, Gering 90-17, and Sterling 75-10.