Wrestling 101: Rules


In Wrestling there are weight classes. This is so that it is more of an equal match for both competitors. A wrestler wants to lose as much weight as possible to have a better muscle/ fat ratio. Once a wrestler weighs in for a match if they are overweight then they either have to go up a weight class, get disqualified, or in some certain circumstances if their coach allows it to happen they will still wrestle.

“[Weight classes] matter so that you’re not wrestling someone too big or too small so that its equal and fair,” said junior Jalen Gonzalez.


When you wrestle. the goal is to pin the other person that consists of both shoulder blades touching the ground. This is an automatic win for you even if you are down points in the match. When you take someone down you get two points and then when you are on bottom and you escape fully (which consists of fully getting out of their control and breaking all of the opponents grip) you get one point. When one of the wrestlers have the other wrestler on their back (and their shoulder blades not touching the mat) then you activate “back points”. If you keep them on their back for 2-4 seconds then you get two points. If you keep them on their back for five seconds then you get a total of three points. At the end of the (quarters) whoever has the most points wins.


In a match there are illegal moves like: locking hands when on top, cross facing too hard, an illegal headlock, or a full nelson. When you do any of these illegal moves then you can either get a warning call, or the other person gets a point.


Blood time activates when there is blood on the mat or on someone. Each player is awarded a five minute timer towards their own blood and in that time you have one coach fix you up, and another coach or manager clean up the blood on the mat (if any). If you go over the five minute timer then you have to forfeit the match.

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