Arvada Boys Basketball team play a close game against Fort Lupton


Photo by Lilee Norris

The Arvada Boys varsity team enters the court for brief warmup before the game

Austin Richardson

The Arvada Boys Varsity Basketball team played their best last night during their first game against Fort Lupton, starting the game off with a ten point lead, which then fell off by the end of the game.

The players on both teams try to get the ball after a free throw by David Ngewasi (Photo by Austin Richardson)

At the end of the first period, the Arvada Bulldogs led 22-12.

Jacob Lucero(12) makes a basket making the score 14-6 (Photo by Lilee Norris)

At the end of the second period, Arvada had an eleven point lead, 35-24.

Ivan Rodriguez(11) passes the ball to David Ngewasi (Photo by Lilee Norris)

At end of the third period, The Bulldogs were down by a single point, 44-43.

Cody Nelson(12) looks to his teammates to see who is open (Photo by Austin Richardson)

By the end of the game, The Arvada bulldogs lost by ten points 62-52. Besides that, they played tough and never gave up. They played to the end, and they played their hardest. Let’s hope we get our next home game win on Tuesday the 25th.