Itzel R. Aguilar, Interviewer


An Identity show the appearance of a person which makes them standout. For instance, I’ll be asking Amy about clothing style. A clothing style helps Identify someone.

Amy’s Recording

So, what are your thoughts on clothes

“I like them, I’m still trying to figure out my own sense of style. I have an idea but I have no room to dress how I want to dress. So I just kinda wear whatever I’m feeling that day.”

How do you think it would impact you if you finally found your clothing style?

“I think it would give me a lot more confidence, honestly. Like make me want to go out more, feel better like talking to people”

Would you have clothes that your friend would be wearing? (Man, I TRIED making sense)

“How I wanna dress is very different from how they dress”

Would you keep on exploring the different types of clothing?
“I wouldn’t say it is very different, I’m inspired by a member of BTS. His name is V, I really like the way he dresses. And I think I would want to make it more feminine. But also the way he dress overall I think I would be comfortable wearing something like that, the way he dresses is like kinda modern but casual at the same time”