Have you ever wondered what life is like for other people? What living is like from their perspective? Everyone is different from the way we style our clothes to our skin color.  I am Mexican, my goal was to interview someone who isn’t and I achieved it. I interviewed one of my friends, Cashius Perry  (9th grader) who is African, Nigerian, and Asian  and kinda tried to ask questions that would help me see how he lives. I basically tried to view things from his prescriptive and compare his to mine.  I personally feel like race and ethnicity is something very fascinating and important. There are many stereotypes and hatred because of someones race. I asked Cash what some are things he eats and he said that he eats both normal American food, an Japanese food. He told me that a normal day in his life is him waking up, going to school, and eating and sleeping. It’s pretty similar to mine, I wake up, go to school go back home and eat and sleep. They’re are not that many differences. You would think that there would be a lot because it’s a common stereotype but really the only difference is what we eat. I on a daily eat Mexican food. Like I said before many hatred comes with your race/ethnicity. People hate on you because you’re a certain color or you’re not the same race as them.  If you really think about it, there is not many differences. People can be alike in many other ways that don’t have to do with ethnicity. People often judge too fast and act based off what they believe. People should really try and be more open and try and see things from other’s perspectives. Focus and learn about the good things about people and not the bad, don’t assume things too quickly.