What is your mental health story?

Nayeli Andazola, News Reporter

  As we all know having depression as well as any mental health issue affects us we also know this is something that affects us students as well as adults in our daily life. (PTSD) stands for post traumatic disorder as well as others know it as (PTD) post traumatic depression. I wanted to focus on this topic of mental health due to the fact that most people don’t focus on this side usually it is focused on depression, which not many realize (PTSD) can lead to having anxiety and depression. I decided to interview a few students. 3 of these students shared their life from an athlete perspective. The 2 other students are ordinary students who do no sports and have more of a private life. 

Amy is a 16 year old student who comes to Arvada high . She was diagnosed a year ago with ptsd. As I asked ¨what may have caused you to have ptsd ¨ she answered ¨I was in a school shooting¨. As questions kept on going she had also mentioned that she had suffered from other mental health issues before like depression and anxiety. Her forms of coping is ¨Breathing exercises,music as well as talking to people that she feels safe around.  Her family acknowledged  her triggers and helped her by putting her into therapy, knowing that her triggers happen daily. Now loud environments affect her causing her panic attacks or getting shaky. This is  Amy’s story

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