Ukraine And Russia Conflict “uploading more info as time gose on”

Ukraine And Russia Conflict 


President Putin has now invaded and launched an attack on Ukraine at around 10:00am february 22nd.  With Kyiv being one of the few cities hit in Russia’s missile strikes. With many of them leaving many people injured, dead, and fearing for their lives. Wondering why is putin doing this?

This is the image of the city Kirv being bombed by russia


This is one of the initial missile strikes in the city of Kyiv in Ukraine. 




Why does Putin want to take Ukraine and potentially waging a war with the world? 


Putin has said that he wants ukraines people and culture back. He says they were a big part of Russia and he feels like he has lost his people with Ukraine becoming independent. They why would putin be bombing his own people supposubly cares about? 

He had also said he admired the way hitler had done things in world war two. As Well as his plan for world domination. He also had admiration towards the past leaders of russia during the cold war and the way they held the peoples support through fear, propaganda, and force. 



What would and is going to happen in retaliation to Putin’s attack?


War would be a very good guess but no one wants to go to war. This is the reason why we haven’t yet. War would more than likely mean another world war. With NATO protecting smaller powers such as Ukraine many of the NATO alliances would go to war with Russia, with the USA being one of them. 


The Ukraine Army and people would more than likely retaliate if anymore Russian troops attack or come into ukraine. With many troops already at the border Ukraine is already tessence and ready to fight back when the time comes. 


Many trade routes or people that are affiliated with Russia will be considered an accomplice. Many would stop trading with Russia to stop supplies from going to Russia and Russia will soon run out of various supplies that are needed. 


Many States in the USA such as colorado are giving support to Ukraine peoples living in that state and giving support to their families at home. 


Many Ukraine people are already and will now be fleeing Ukraine if possible. 5 million refugees are expected to flee and find places to settle such as the USA or any other neighboring powers. 

These are some of the very large numbers of refugees trying to flee Ukraine.

(This is a video about Ukraines 5 million refugees)



What is NATO?


The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, also called the North Atlantic Alliance, is an intergovernmental military alliance between 28 European countries, 2 North American countries. The organization implements the North Atlantic Treaty that was signed on 4 April 1949.

(Here is a link to NATO’s web page)