What goes on as a climate change class is taught?

Nayeli Andazola

We are learning how we should help our environment as well as doing and making change for our world.This is all topics being brought to us for what is going around in the world.  Even after each one of these classes that teach us about this leaves me thinking about many things. I wasn’t sure if this was a topic to talk about but I decided we should. Why not ask and therefore my questions be answered by these teachers, who have been teaching us about our environment but as well have been having a main source of affecting our environment.  In each of these classes we were told to help our environment. We did research that showed us different things. 

I have decided to interview a teacher who has taught us about not only the subject but also the side effects of things we’ve done. Here is how the interview went

 As our teacher, when you teach us about climate change how do you feel?Her response to the question was “Sad” with a nervous laugh after. She commented this is a sad topic to talk about since nothing is really getting better.

What are things you do that you think can help with climate change? ¨ It’s little things i do like recycling and always trying to keep the lights off¨. As she responded to the question she was very honest with her response and said she also tries to turn off the heater or air off when leaving her house. 

Going to my main question: why do you guys teach us about climate change but use a big amount of papers you guys do? When I asked this question she told me that the reason why she chooses to do it on paper is because they know if it is done on the computer instead of students doing their work they will get distracted on the computer. She had a fair point in why they use the paper rather than their chromebook.

After the interview i thought this was a good amount of answers that she gave me and wanted to thank Ms.Powell.