Mr. Yanes’s Bulldog time party was very chill!

Cashius Perry

 In Mr. Yanes’s Bulldog time class in room B112, Yanes and his students always have a monthly party, where the students bring snacks, drinks, and other party paraphernalia, sometimes relating to a theme. This month’s party did not have a theme but it was still a good time. 


Lots of snacks were brought to the party such as Takis, Hot Cheetos,Funyuns, and chocolate cookies, and they were obviously effective at bringing people together and satisfying the students in the classroom.


 Yanes is not the only person that brought snacks, an example of somebody who brought snacks for the party is Rachelle Martinez Marentes (9) “I brought spicy chips like Takis, Funyuns, and I also brought hot Cheetos.”


The party did not have too many entertainment attractions like some other parties do, but what made the party fun is just that people got to hang out with their friends and not have to do any work.


“I was chilling, I was eating, I was hanging out with my friends. I also talked to Mr. Yanes, we like had a conversation. It was a very fun and chill time.” said Martinez 


If you are wanting to attend one of these parties in Mr. Yanes’s Bulldog time class, you just need permission from your bulldog time teacher, Anybody is welcome to come to his bulldog time class during one of these parties.`As of now It has not been confirmed if Mr. Yanes is going to have a may or last day of school party, but if there is going to be a party this month, I will inform you of the information.