Car Meets

David Sanchez, Reporter

Car meets/car shows are great to be at whether you like collecting and showing off nice cars or meeting people who can help with any problems your car might have. 

Andrew Weber, a junior at Arvada West, attends car meets frequently.

“Car meets are great places to be, even if you don’t know anything, just to learn about and experience the community,” Weber said.

He got started when his dad took him as a child.

“I never really wanted to go, my dad wanted to take me a lot when I was little and it grew on me. I started really loving cars and everything about them,” he said.

Car meets and car shows are usually the same if not identical but sometimes they’re separate rules like car themes you only can bring a car from a certain year or certain model. 

Aside from showing off, they also provide an opportunity to ask people for help with your own vehicle. For example, Weber was able to ask about a car he was recently working on.

“Like for instance, [it] can feel really stiff to turn with, and [that] is normal for that car. I even learned more stuff about the build itself,” he said.For those looking to get involved, the Low Class Colorado Car show is coming soon, May 22, to the Colorado Convention Center. To stay updated on car meets around Colorado make sure to check out Colorado Cars & Coffee on twitter to stay up to date!