Adrienne Allmon, Reporter

Why did we do it?

Us as a group we chose to do this because we wanted to change the culture in our school and in our sports. We thought we could do this by #TheNextMovement because it shows the significance in change,growth, and improvement. 


How does #TheNextMovement impacts the lower classmen?

 #TheNextMovement impacts the lower classmen because it shows that we’re trying to create a safe and welcoming environment for everyone in our community. To join us and our sports programs at Arvada High School.


How does #TheNextMovement impacts Arvada High School?

 #TheNextMovement impacts Arvada High School because it’s an act of change and development in our students and student athletes. For them, to go out in the world to spread positivity and growth as they continue a trend of a series of  organized activities towards their goal and their character.  


  #TheNextMovement it’s not just for Arvada high school students to create change, it’s for all and anyone to join to create and support positivity growth. The reason we choose the senior class is because they meet all the criteria to welcome and encourage growth in sports and in the classroom since they have been student athletes for all 4 years. As Arvada continues to grow we can’t wait to see next year leaders and how they step up. #TheNextMovement.