Mental stress and Its ability to stunt your brain growth

Javier Abeyta Baca, Reporter

What 6 things might people need to know about the affect stress or depression have on ones brain development?

I think there are plenty of things people should take in mind when thinking of their own mental health as well as others and any loved ones. 

Childhood trauma, abuse or any forms of violence that occur in childhood can result in long-lasting behavioral,mental and physical consequences.

Any forms of stress or things that may harm the homeostasis and is prolonged can also cause tissue damage and disease.

The economical and social environment can Impact the human brain as well this process is known as Socioeconomic status (SES) this is known as a strong predictor of the mental and physical behavior.

In developed countries the poor and uneducated are more likely to become ill than the highly educated and rich.

You can find most if not all of these facts in this article below.

And unfortunately I am unable to find a interview on the web of a stress victim but I was able to acquire an interview from an expert.

In my opinion Generally People that are in mid to lower classes live in not only more severely impoverished neighborhoods are exposed to more problematic stress towards their brain and its growth than the rich, not to say the rich have no problems but the impoverished not only have more problems on hand but their problems are more life changing and deadly.