Maryan Francisco First Year Playing Flag Football

Ian Quaratino


Maryan Francisco is a multisport athlete at Arvada. Maryan plays Quarterback for Girls Flag Football, Guard for Girls Basketball and Center mid-field for Girls Soccer. I was able to get some of her insight on how she felt the Girls Flag Football season went.

Maryan (#10) Running the football (Jaden Jessop)

Why Did Maryan Play Flag Football

”I have always liked playing Football and throwing the ball around. I think coach Vernon was one of the reasons why I wanted to play flag football. He and Emma Ngewasi both pushed me to play, they made it interesting and sound fun so they were mostly the reason why I wanted to play. It was my first time playing Quarterback and like I said before I have loved throwing the ball and I think it has always been fun. I think it would be fun to play football again just for fun, just like this season, I did it for fun to get to know everyone and to enjoy a new sport but I think I would play it again.”

Maryan’s Thoughts about the season

”I think it went really good honestly, I thought it wasn’t going to be so good at first. But comparing us to the rest of the teams throughout the season, we did really good especially with the amount of girls we had, we didn’t have as much as other teams, but most of our players were really fast and most of them always showed up to practice. I feel like we did really good, especially for our first year playing football. It was a good opportunity we had a lot of fun and I am really proud of us for making it to districts especially for the amount of girls we had but I am really proud and really happy that we made it that far.  The team was very close we liked being together, Coach V got us really close together we loved being with each other and every practice was so fun and intense but there was always a laugh during practice. I did try getting us to go support the other programs together as a team and we all tried to match each other by wearing our jerseys. I just tried to involve everybody so that we all got along and collaborated with each other. I think because it was my first and last year playing this I am going to miss it, it was really fun being quarterback, it was really fun just playing all these games together with all the girls and I wish I could do it again.”

Maryan (#10) Passing the football (Ian Quaratino)

What Maryan Learned and Accomplished

”I learned how to communicate with the girls under a lot of pressure, I learned how to be a leader towards them I learned to just have fun and not to take everything so serious like If we have a loss just let it go and just move on to the next game because there will be more games. I accomplished Throwing 6 touchdowns.  I should have put more effort into more of the games I could have tried harder than I thought I was, I wish I could change that because we could have made it to state and made it to the finals but I don’t know I just feel like If I had better throws maybe it could have been better.”