2022 Soccer Recap

Kimberly Martinez, Reporter

August 25, 2022 was the first game for the Bulldogs against Weld Central. The Bulldogs started off the first half with two goals but during first and second half they unfortunately ended up getting scored on and lost by 3-2, which is still an accomplishment thus far.The Bulldogs started each game in their season with high and positive energy for their first 9 matches, throughout the games they struggled to finish with high hopes and high energy especially in the second half.

The Bulldog’s second game was on August 29,2022, the Bulldogs started this match with positivity but unfortunately lost their first home game against Jefferson by 10-0.

August 31,2022 was another home game loss against Englewood by 11-1, a few injuries happened during this match which highly affected the match as well as the players. September 8,2022 was a home game for the Bulldogs, Conifer ended up taking home the win with 10 goals which happened to leave the Bulldogs with 2. On September 9,2022 The Bulldogs played an away game at Denver West, alas the Bulldogs lost once again with a roaring score of 10-1. A few players were not able to play for the first 5 matches which affected the matches as well as the team. September 12, The Bulldogs faced Alameda at a home game, they started the match with positivity which they ended up scoring in the first half but throughout the game Alameda scored which made the Bulldog feel discouraged, Alameda ended up taking the win by 5-1.

On September 14,2022 The Bulldogs went against Fort Lupton, it was an intense,long and fierce match, with a few injuries and cards pulled, Fort Lupton took the victory by 10-0. The team faced a lot of obstacles through matches but they proceeded to improve. Wednesday 21 of September was a major game against Middle Park, The Bulldogs put their greatest effort into the match but lost with despondent the match against Middle Park with a score of 5-0. September 28, 2022, The Bulldogs played KIPP Denver in an away game, unfortunately losing by 8-0. On Friday September, 30 it was a home game against Arrupe, it was a long game, The Bulldogs made a vigorous goal in the first half but throughout the game they had dispirited hopes, Arrupe made 9 goals, they ended up taking home the win by 9-1.October 4,2022, The Bulldogs Went into  an intense match up against Sheridan, The score was knotted for a few minutes but The Bulldogs put their highest efforts and energy into this game which culminated with a 3-2 win, the Bulldogs first home victory. The Bulldogs continued to improve during this season which included communication between the team,uplifting, and winning a few games.

On October 8, 2022 The Bulldogs opened the game with a few goals, the game was thrilling and the Bulldogs were taking the win, Due to unfairness the Bulldogs unfortunately lost the victory and had to hand it over to Lake County.It was very unfortunate and the team was very downhearted.October 12,2022 the bulldogs finished the game against Mount View with a score of 1-0 which is an improvement.Friday October 14,2022 was another loss for The Bulldogs, with a score of 6 from pinnacle and 1 from the Bulldogs. Wednesday October 19, 2022 was The Bulldogs last game of the season, after totaling two goals Bruce Randolph took the victory with 13 goals, it was a hard fought game.The soccer team pushed themselves they were integral to the teams growth as well as the coaches, Injuries prevented the Bulldogs from going far this year. “At the end we did what we did and we may not have had the best season but we tried and it was a good experience” says Junior Martinez. The Bulldogs opened the season with 13 losses and finished the season with 2 wins. Congratulations to the team and coaches for all their efforts this season.