Girls Basketball Still Searching For First Win

Jackson Kowing, Reporter

The girls basketball team traveled out of state to Nebraska on the 3rd of December for a regional tournament including Colorado, Nebraskan Schools. On Saturday, The girls took a tough loss to Mitchell High School after a rough start to the season, the team wanted to get back on track. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. After Mitchell high school was able to put 36 points on the board by halftime, The Bulldogs couldn’t find the basket and went into the break with 0 points. The girls tried to build a comeback up, but just couldn’t manage to get any momentum started. The Bulldogs were able to score 4 points in the third quarter and were going into the 4th with a scoreline of 46-4. The team kept playing and gave their all on the court, but it just wasn’t enough. After a disappointing final quarter, The game came to an end with a final score of 63-4, and Mitchell High school picking up the win. Although this loss is tough, disappointing and all around upsetting, We know what the team is made of and what they are capable of doing. With their next game coming up on the 8th against Moorcroft highschool, The girls are searching for their first win of the season and are hoping to build some momentum to prove what they can do. Let’s go Bulldogs!