Fairview High School Tournament 12/3


Darrien O'Reilly, Reporter

      The first wrestling duals of the season happened on 12/3 at Fairview High School in Boulder. Some of the wrestlers that dualed were Joe Ortiz Jr Sophomore, Kadin Mitchell Freshman, Nahum Macias-Castillo Sophomore, Christian Ciotti Senior, Jonathan Schleicher Junior, Joseph Gonzalez Senior, Christian Lake Junior, Victor Casales Senior, Sawyer Wilcox Junior.

     Cam Moore 3-0 on the day taking first place and Joe Ortiz went 4-0 taking first place for their individual weight classes. Kadin Mitchell, Freshman, lost both of his matches in the 106 weight class. Nahum Macias-Castillo went 0-2 in the 157 weight class. Christan went 3-1 taking fourth place in the 165 weight class. Jonathan  at 175 went 0 for 2. Joe Gon went 2-2 in the 175 weight class. Christian Lake goes 1-2 for the 190 weight class. Victor goes 0-2 in the 285 lb weight class. Soy goes 0-2 in the 285 lb weight class. Joe Ortiz pinned his way to the finals in three matches for a combined time of 6 minutes and two seconds. Joe’s final match with a former little league rival he won by one point. Cam Moore received the second overall seed in his bracket wrestling three matches combining for a time of 9 minutes and fifty six seconds. Christian Ciotti loses his first match but manages to battle back for fourth place in a very difficult weight class.

     Kadin Mitchell (Red Dragon) the only boy freshman lost his first two highschool varsity wrestling matches in the one hundred and six weight class. Joseph Gonzales senior and newly named team captain, started off the season hot with a three and two overall record after a difficult season last year. Nahum Macias Castillo tenth grade faces a heart-breaking loss in overtime and second and receives his second unfortunate loss. Jonathan receives a first round bye, then gets pinned in his first ever highschool match. He then battles his way to the back of the bracket but unfortunately receives a nine to three decision loss. Christian Lake faces a tech fall lost in his first Colorado match since coming from Illinois. His first match he came out hot with a 55 second pin against a scrub from evergreen. He then faced a heart wrenching lost in the blood round. Victor Cal in his first match loses to a returning state qualifier from Skyline High School. He then battles his way on the back side but unfortunately gets pinned in the third period. Sawyer Wilcox in his first folk style match puts up a great fight but unfortunately gets pinned and sent to the back side. In his second match he faces a tough opponent but unfortunately gets pinned again.   

    Overall the team took seventh place out of the twenty teams that wrestled that day, Including big names such as Cherokee trail, Boulder High School, Littleton High School, and Skyline High School.