Social media and the effects on Arvada high school sports

Adrienne Allmon and Ashley Reveals

The world of social media is constantly changing and the impact that it has on Arvada high school play a huge role on the student athletes, And many more.  The media interest surrounding the coverage of sports is a widespread in Arvada high school on spreading positivity but also negativity throughout the years.  But in our, high school‘s case, the negativity runs more throughout our sports more commonly n due to

The fact that more students are spectating and not participating. In todays day and age kids are  not as involved with gym class provided in school and are less involved with going outside they spend more time on video games and social media. As coach Rod states that kids are less athletic because they do these things instead of being outside vs when I was a kid we was outside constantly and playing everyday.

Now in days Bad decisions are highlighted and analysed in more detail by the media.

Due to the lack of kids being exposed to that type of environment. As we are starting to move into the winter season from the fall season. We’re starting to notice less and less students are more involved with our high school sports due to the number we are we putting out at the high school. As many  high school sports play, roll in the schools . And Arvada needs numbers or no one will want  to come to a high school where sports aren’t everything. But as winter sports for Arvada high school start two begin we are hoping to see and get more exposure about what we offer and  how to get more kids involved to help the high school in their to sports succeed by doing this, we’ve decided to do pregame challenges where we could promote more activities that we’re doing throughout the weeks before we actually start the seasons. This is going to help us push more of the tournaments we’re holding and games and get us more exposure to try and block out the negativity of kids not wanting to play sports.  Through the course of Winter sports we’re gonna place out posters and advertisements to advertise our sports more to get more students involved in the community.  Walmart strings get voted in the community gets involved. This will eventually black out the negativity and bring back the positivity by using social media in our school. and that is exactly what I read in high school needs and to be placed on the map.