Girls basketball get another win

Jackson Kowing, Reporter

The girls basketball team was able to get a big win on Thursday, January 12th over KIPP Denver Collegiate. With the final score being 58-26, The Bulldogs are now 3-0 in League play and 4-8 overall. In the first quarter, the girls were able to outperform the White Tigers by clever passing, creating plays and beautiful shots and layups. By the end of the first period of play, The Bulldogs were up 15-4. 


It was now the Second quarter and the White Tigers were starting to gain some momentum. They were able to outscore the bulldogs by a score of 8-6 right before halftime. Coach Whittington gave the girls some pointers and made some changes at the half which would benefit them significantly. The changes brought the Bulldogs a huge momentum push. Junior, Emma Ngewassi was leaving it all on the court. With a stunning performance all around, The third quarter was when she was playing the best. She led the team into the fourth quarter with the Bulldogs leading 44-21. 


The Bulldogs continued to apply the pressure throughout the 4th quarter, only allowing KIPPDC to get 5 points. As the girls cruised to a win, The game ended Bulldogs 58, White Tigers 26.

I was able to speak with Senior, Hope Ramos about how she felt the game went and how she feels the team should move forward, coming off of the win.


 When I asked Hope how she felt the game went, She said, “I feel like we played with a lot of aggression and power. We had some missed opportunities but still pushed forward. The energy we had in the second half was crucial and we could’ve used that in the first half.” I  then asked Ramos what the team is looking for moving forward. Hope said, “ I expect the team to reflect on the things we need to work on and to keep the energy we have right now. Mentally preparing ourselves and getting our head right will be huge. Having sportsmanship, Good mentality and working hard in practice is what we need.”  


It was a big win for the Bulldogs and a very positive upward push for the team. Congratulations to Emma Ngewassi for earning the player of the game, She was able to get 21 points under her belt and lead the Bulldogs to the win. Great Job  Bulldogs and keep up the great work! 

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