100 percent



Brandon, Martines 5,8 160 Lb´s  had made the most scores in the middle park game with a whopping total of 8 points. How did Coach, Vernon Whittington  feel before the game?

Coach V. stated, ¨He says he didn’t feel like him or his team was prepared there mental mind was all over the place before the game.” , coach said he could tell “just because of how the team warmed up before the game.” score of 33-69 MIDDLE PARK Vs. ARVADA HIGH. Interview with Brandon, Martines I asked Brandon what was his best move, he sais hes a catch and shoot type of gut, whenever he gets the ball he just goes foe the basket. Vernon Whittington interview, He says hes so proud of how far Brandon has come, Brandon went from just sitting on the bench to making starter, Brandon transfers what he knew on the football field to the basket-ball court every practice every game he always puts in his 100 percent. THAT would be it for the MIDDLE PARK Vs. ARVADA HIGH boys basketball report.