Boys and Girls Basketball Senior Night taking on Bruce Randolph


Ashley Reveles

Girls basketball won their game 47-43 against Bruce Randolph on Thursday February 9th. The celebration also included it being Senior Night. The start of the game, the entire team made so many pushes. Senior Kadie Ramos scored the most points with 21.  Emma Ngewasi (Jr) had the second most points with 17.  Finally, at the conclusion of the game, Senior Girls Maryan Francisco, Hope Ramos, and Kadie Ramos were recognized alongside their teammates and families as they received standing ovations from the spectators.

Boys basketball looses 82-52 to Bruce Randolph on the same night.  It was a meaningful night for the seniors , though it was a tough battle they kept pushing  through to the end. Junior Trevor Lucero had the top points of the night by 24. Sophomore Jaden Jessop with 13 points in the game. Towards the end of the game Senior Ivan Rodriguez with 8 points. The Seniors were very devested on there loss but seeing how much the team has grown makes up for it.