Start to the baseball season.

Today we are discussing the start to a baseball season, as well the new changes.

A 10th grader that is number 2 on the field. Where he plays on the field is mostly everywhere, but hes most comfortable with playing short stop or center field. As one of the questions I asked Harley Mendina, how he felt with the new freshman coming in he stated he felt “good to have some new talent on the field”. I asked him how the new coaching felt and he said the new coaching feels good and this new coach pushes them and he’s a better coach over all. Harley Mendina has been playing since the age of 5. He started young, and he’s been playing it ever since. He feels he is getting better and better learning new skills and studying plays.

Blaze Mendina is a 12 grader. Blaze has been playing baseball since he was about 5 years old. He fell in love with baseball at young age. At first he said that this being his last year on the field with his brother and just in general playing high school baseball wasn’t hitting him and he really didn’t even think about this year being sad. He stated that he can’t wait to see what the future holds for him. Until then hes just gonna have fun playing high school baseball.

So far the Arvada high school baseball has played against manual high, Arrupa high, Alameda high, Dsst central high, Aurora high.

Right now we have a score of 2-5 but it’s okay. We have so many more games to go and turn this around. The Bulldog’s practice everyday after school. Lets remember they must be tired after school but they still go to practice and practice for games. Let’s give appreciation to the Arvada Bulldogs athletes!