Doubled Down Athletes

Some athletes like to double up on sports in the same season. They all have their own reasons whether it is to help with another sport or just for fun and experience. Doubling up on sports in the same season can also cause some issues with school, family, and social life outside of school. We have three athletes that give their perspective on their personal experience with doing two sports or activities in the same season.


Gabriel Munguia: Baseball & Track and Field

Laryssa Diaz, Managing Editor

I want to participate in track because, it will help me with my speed for football; my main sport. And I've always just enjoyed baseball, I just don't want to give up on it. I think my coaches are just happy I'm participating in both of their sports and they don't really mind. I'll just go to track practice right after school, and that's 3:30-4:30. The I'll go straight to the baseball field which...

Terae Wagner-Brown: Volleyball and POMS

Laryssa Diaz, Managing Editor

"I like to dance and volleyball is my sport and their in the same season so I have no choice. My coaches really like the team spirit I show, I feel like it's a little frustrating for them that I'm not there for other things and have to miss certain things. It's pretty busy; having to go to both practices in one day is kind hard. But I manage it I give a shared time to both coaches. I try and...

Reagan Lewis: Volleyball and Cross Country

Laryssa Diaz, Managing Editor

At the beginning of freshman year during fall season I did cross country and volleyball. I liked volleyball better than cross country but I had to make two people happy. I ended up being really good at both sports. Sophomore year came and I still did both knowing that I didn't want to do cross country anymore and volleyball was basically my passion in the fall.  Doing both during the season really...

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