Gabriel Munguia: Baseball & Track and Field

I want to participate in track because, it will help me with my speed for football; my main sport. And I’ve always just enjoyed baseball, I just don’t want to give up on it. I think my coaches are just happy I’m participating in both of their sports and they don’t really mind.

I’ll just go to track practice right after school, and that’s 3:30-4:30. The I’ll go straight to the baseball field which I’ll usually get there at 4:35, and then be out of practice at 5:30.

So if I have practice and a game, I’ll go to the game. If I have two games scheduled the same day I’ll probably play the baseball game. Next week (4/8/22), I’m gonna have to play the Englewood game and miss the track meet.

It definitely keeps me busy, but I don’t think it really affects my social life. It gets a little busy but I think my schedule is well organized to fit both sports and participate.

I prefer playing baseball but I know that track is gonna help me with my speed for football. I just feel like it’s more fun, this is my first year with track and I’m still kind of learning but I enjoy baseball more.


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