Terae Wagner-Brown: Volleyball and POMS

“I like to dance and volleyball is my sport and their in the same season so I have no choice. My coaches really like the team spirit I show, I feel like it’s a little frustrating for them that I’m not there for other things and have to miss certain things.

It’s pretty busy; having to go to both practices in one day is kind hard. But I manage it I give a shared time to both coaches.

I try and fit both in I’ll try and go to the game first and practice after or vice versa, I do the other first or try and do both. Most of the time I’ll do volleyball, just because it’s Coach Andrew and I’ll come. There was one game we had and I had to be at a football game at the same time, and I made it to both of them. So go me!

It affects my life a little bit I don’t really have free time or weekend time but it’s okay. It’s not that difficult, I stay on top of my work I do it in class and then I don’t have to do it outside of school.

I prefer POMS more it’s really my jig.”

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