Reagan Lewis: Volleyball and Cross Country

For Reagan Lewis doing two sports wasn't her choice in the end. She loved doing both until it was forced at the end to do cross country and only have her focus towards running versus her passion for volleyball.

At the beginning of freshman year during fall season I did cross country and volleyball. I liked volleyball better than cross country but I had to make two people happy. I ended up being really good at both sports.

Sophomore year came and I still did both knowing that I didn’t want to do cross country anymore and volleyball was basically my passion in the fall.  Doing both during the season really took a big toll on my mental health and how stressful it was. So I tried quitting multiple times because with cross country, there was attitude problems.

It was very, very difficult because I had cross county and volleyball and I would have to do two practices in one day, and it was very much hard because I would miss stuff for volleyball.

Another reason I quit cross country was because the coaches had an attitude with me for some reason; with doing both sports knowing that I did it last year. Where I had an incident where I had a volleyball game and we went up to the soccer field to cheer on the soccer team, and the cross country team was there and said, “You could have been running with us the whole time,” knowing that I wouldn’t practice before a volleyball game so I could keep my energy. So that is what started it.

So then, once I actually quit, it was due to the fact that it was picture day for all sports and I called everybody and nobody told me where pictures were and when, so I had to miss pictures. No one answered when I asked or called, I even called [Laura] Schoenfeld, she didn’t answer her phone. So I was pissed and tired of all the attitude, so I just quit.

My parents, mostly my step mom wanted me to do cross country; I was ok with it I was like okay let’s try it. I stood up for myself when I realized that it was taking a toll on my mental health. I would cry when I would go to volleyball practice because of how bad it was. I told my parents and said I’m quitting I’m not doing cross country anymore because of attitudes.

My parents called [Laura] Schoenfeld,  and asked what happened and she decided to say that I was missing multiple practices when I would tell her a week in advance that I would have volleyball which is the main reason I quit was because she blamed it entirely on me.

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