Girls Soccer Season Recap

Jackson Kowing, Reporter

The 2023 girls soccer season has come to an end but it has been nothing shy of an amazing, action packed season. They have had many ups and downs but overall had a great season. The team went 6-7 overall and 4-5 in league games. The team was not able to get to the postseason, but they have a lot to look forward to. The squad is ready to learn and show the competition what they can do. The girls kicked the season off with an unfortunate loss against Bruce Randolph with a score line of 4-2. They bounced back quickly though, by picking up a big win against Jefferson by a score of 8-2. 


The Bulldogs then went 1-2 on the season with a tough loss in a double overtime match against Bennet high school. But once again, The girls bounced back strong with a dominant 9-1 win against Manual. Arrupe Jesuit then got the best of the Bulldogs with a 3-2 scoreline which ended in overtime once again. The girls then picked up two wins in a row with great performances against Aurora west and Lake County. This streak was short- lived though, as Englewood beat the bulldogs 5-0. The girls then lost another double overtime game, 3 goals to 2 against STRIVE. The bulldogs were able to recoup and get another win against DSST. With only 3 games remaining the girls were looking for a final season push but just couldn’t find it.


The Bulldogs would then lose two games in a row. The first coming from Fort Lupton in another Overtime loss. The second loss was from KIPP with a score of 4-0. The girls were able to finish the season strong with a dominant 3-0 win against Pinnacle. Although the season did not go as planned, the girls learned so much. I was able to interview a player from each grade level and get their take on what the team needs. 


As the record proved, Every player I asked said that they need to find that second wind when it comes to overtime situations. The team lost 4 games in overtime, with two of them being in the second half of overtime. After non-stop running and putting yourself on the line for 80 minutes, we cannot put the blame on our team. They will come back stronger and more fit so they can win more games.


Emma Ngewasi was the top scorer this season averaging 3.0 goals per match. This is so impressive and we are all so proud of her. Senior, Maryan Fransisco was the top player to give assists with an average of 1.2 a game. Sometimes assists are more impressive than the goal and for that, we are so lucky to have had her play for the bulldogs.


Although The bulldogs were not able to go as far as they intended this year, They have had lots of learning opportunities and have so much to prove. We are beyond proud of the girls and the entire school recognizes what you guys have accomplished. We look forward to next season and Go Bulldogs!