Hearing From A Freshman

Jackson Kowing, Reporter

As the girls soccer season has just come to end, I wanted to see what a freshman player had to say. I was able to interview freshman, Yosselin Estrada. I asked her a few questions on how she felt the season went, how the team played and as well. The first question I asked the freshmen was, “How did your first high school season go?” Estrada told me, “It was amazing. It was super fun and a great experience.”. I then asked how she felt about the team’s performance this season. Yosselin told me, “ We worked really hard and improved as the season went on. We feel really accomplished.”. The last question I was able to ask the soon to be sophomore was how she planned to be a leader for incoming freshmen next season. She told me, “I am willing to take responsibility and be a supportive person for the players that need it.”. It was amazing to talk to a younger player who is aspiring to be one of the best players on the team. We cannot wait to see what she is able to accomplish in her upcoming years. Go Bulldogs!