They Really Rocked!

Video by John Smith

Evan Yang, Reporter

The musical, School Of Rock, was a total blast! The actors, the tech team, and the directors all did spectacular in making this musical the best that it can be for both nights of April 28th and April 29th. I think it’s safe to say that the audience definitely enjoyed their time in the auditorium!


I interviewed Aaron Middleton (a.k.a. Mr. Middleton), one of the directors, with questions regarding the overall performance of the musical — and boy were there a lot of positive things he had to say!


How well did actors do?

I think that they did an amazing job. Some of the responses that I heard after the show [were] from staff who have been here for a long time and many of them said that that was the best production that they’ve seen — so, exactly how I was hoping it [would be].


How did the scenes play out?

Really well! I mean, they had everything — I mean, this was definitely the biggest production as far as moving a set around and they did an awesome job at that, cause we had a scene that’s set up in the back and they were able to really just kind of take it and run with it — they did a great job by themselves.


How well did the tech team do?

Awesome. I mean, they were the ones who built our biggest set; it was about nine-and-a-half feet — or not — about nine feet tall and twenty-feet long — and rotating, and rotating. A lot of them brought in stuff from home to put things together, so, everybody really did a good part — everybody really brought something to it.


Was set-changing manageable?

Yes. I wasn’t sure if it would be at first, but yes, it became manageable once we got the right people on there, once they got the right speed of everything — it was super manageable.


Was lighting and sound suitable?

I think so — I think that they really brought a lot of cool things with looking at mood, looking at the lighting, having — understanding the scenes well enough to create an effect to where the audience is picking it up with lighting, I think they did a good job with that too.


What was the audience like?

Both nights were great! Friday night [there were] a lot more people, but that’s pretty common, at least for here. And Saturday was also really good, it was a little bit of an older crowd so they weren’t quite as loud, but it was still — both nights were awesome.


Do you think the directors did their job and/or accomplished their goal?

I think so… Yes. I — it was a lot — the musical was a lot to work with, but I think they were able to — I mean, Mr. Elks was great putting all the band together, DiGi as the tech director did a great job, Ms. Rael did a great job, I think that I also did a nice job — we all really pulled everything together.


Do you have anything else you’d like to say?

No! I’m just really happy [about] how it went. I think that they’re awesome, they had a lot of great talent and [I’m just] proud of everybody… Yeah.